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1JH-150Chop straw counters-field set

1 jh - 150 chopped straw counters-field set can be used for grinding corn, wheat, sorghum, cotton crop straw. Stable and reliable performance, good crushing effect. The aircraft working parts for the claw hammer, machete, or straight knife. And has the following advantages:

1. The full suspension structure, the optimal structure, and strength

2. Structure bias, ensure operation to juggle

3. The tooling plating material wear-resisting, long service life


Technical parameters:

Main technical parameters:

Overall dimensions (cm): 130 * 180 * 180
Machine net weight (kg) : 450
Power (kW) : 50-70
Cylinder shaft speed (r/m) :  1800
Homework width (cm) : 150
Productivity (hm2 / / h) : > 0.47
Hammer claw quantity: 10 / sling blade number: 40 / straight knife number: 90


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