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4JQ-1.8 Collected straw crushing machine

Chop 4 series of jq straw collecting machine, used for straw chopped, and collected. This series of models with 37-73 - kw tractor kit, three fully suspended the work, a job can be done on the field vertical straw chopped, toss, collection, etc. Chopped straw can be used for biomass power, paper or fuel, etc. This machine has simple structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, etc.

Technical parameters:

Main technical rules  
Product model 4JQ-1.8
Overall dimensions (mm) 145 x 240 x 290
Power (Kw) 47-58
Chopped length (mm) 30-100
Homework width (mm) 1800
Sling blade number 48
The stubble height (mm) 100-150
Productivity (㎡ h/h) > 0.5
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