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2BFY-6A Corn seeder (soy)

2BFY-6A a corn seeder, is a kind of multi-purpose, all hanging agricultural machines and tools. Can apply to YingChaDe no-till seeding, can also be applied to have arable land, sowing seeds, seeds in the seed manure deep at the same time. This machine can adopt precision planting corn, soybeans and other crops. Can one time deep fertilizer, furrowing seeding, the complex soil suppression of several procedures, such as a project, so it has wide universality, high comprehensive utilization, energy conservation, province, province, reduce farmers' consumption characteristics.

This machine power is 36.75-73 - kw (50-100 HP) wheeled tractor. Basic line number is 6. Homework assignments spaced depth, planting distance, fertilizer rate can be found within a certain range. And wide adaptability.

Technical parameters:

Product model 2BFY-6A
Overall dimensions (cm) 460×145×118 
Power (kW) 36.75~73
Machine net weight (kg) 920 
Working speed (km/h) 4~8
Homework width (cm) 500 
Theory of the planting distance (mm) 125~207
Spacing (mm) 650~850
Productivity (ha/h) 1.4~2.3
Sowing depth (mm) 40-70
Kind of tank volume (L) 25×6
Fertilizer box volume (L) 195×2
Metering device form Eye socket type
Distributing device form Slot wheel outside
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