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1S-300 Subsoiler

Subsoiling as tillage as an important new technology at home and abroad more and more attention, the government is making great efforts to promote. I developed 1S-300 subsoiler, reasonable structure, reliable performance, traction resistance. Rack with frame, easy to adjust working width; shovel column is high, and staggered around, reducing the straw obstruct block, through the good, the working parts of the buffer spring and shear bolt double protection, is subsoiler meet a good model for China's national conditions.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions ( cm ) 165×265×127
Structural mass ( Kg ) 600
Motive power ( kW ) four-wheel drive ≥66 
The form of a deep shovel Chisel
Deep loosening depth (cm) 25-40
Work to shovel a number 3-7
Cm spacing 40-60
Working width (cm) 300
Operating speed (Km/h) 4-6
Efficiency (hm2 / h) 1.12-1.86
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