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2BFX-24 Grain drill

    2 BFX - 24 seeding machine is suitable for wheat and barley, millet, sorghum and other crops of drilling, and can and sowing soybean, as well as the chemical fertilizer plant. Rate, fertilization rate, depth and spacing can be adjusted according to the needs of agricultural technology.
    The machine adopts linkage and tractor hitch, transportation is convenient.
    The machine adopts outside slot round row species, fertilizer, seed round, fat, blocking for powder metallurgy parts, possesses the advantages of heat resistance, cold. Using corrugated rubber grain tube, two smooth; Adopt double bearing steel opener, reliable work. Using the handwheel adjustment sowing depth, easy to use.
   Transmission part is composed of rubber wheel, sprocket and chain, reliable durable, can be suitable for high-speed operation.

Technical parameters:

Machine model 2BFX-24
Overall dimensions (cm) 199×390×143
Structure mass (kg) 1080
Working width (cm) 360
Sowing depth (mm)  55-74
Power (kW)  40-60
Drive way Chain drive
Kind of tank volume (L)  410
Fertilizer box box volume (L) 430
Maximum rate (kg/hm2) 1800
Largest fertilizer rate (kg/hm2) 1500
Height from the ground (mm) ≥300
Metering device form Iron outside slot round
Pure working hour rate (hm2 / h) 1.44-2.16
Working speed (km/h) 6-8
Basic spacing (mm) 150
Opener form Double disc type steel


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